Meet Dr. Rupam Jyoti Sarma, the first Assamese becomes White House Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) for 2023. 

A proud moment for the people of Assam as Dr Rupam Jyoti Sarmah becomes the first ever Assamese to be appointed as White House Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) for 2023.

The Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) is a group of strategic senior advisors who have direct access to decision-making agency leaders. They are typically subject-matter experts with institutional knowledge of agency civil servants.

Dr Rupam Jyoti Sarmah is in charge of the agency for ‘Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health’ (ARPA-H).

Rupam took the oath on April 10 and will be attending the ‘White House Welcome’ event on April 14.

He completed his graduation from Jorhat Engineering College (JEC). Presently, he is a resident of Sacramento, California.

Rupam migrated to the US. He completed his Master’s in Computer Science, Master’s in Management, and Doctorate from George Washington University, researching Artificial Intelligence and Autism.

Previously, he was working as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the State of California before being appointed for PIF 2023.

Notably, apart from Dr Sarmah, nineteen other PIF fellows have been selected from various fields, including technology, healthcare organisations, financial services, and more .

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