latest news today: North korea launches ballistic missile south says

Today, North Korea launched a ballistic missile from Pyongyang towards the East Sea between Korean Peninsula and Japan, continuing its provocation towards its neighboring countries. The launch made Japan issue an evacuation order for the northern islands, which was later retracted. According to South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staffs the missile had a medium or longrange, South Korea’s military described the missile’s flight as a “grave provocation” after it travelled roughly 1,000 kilometers (620 miles). Moreover, Japanese Defense Minister told the news outlets that the missile could be a ICBM(Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) and claimed that it did not reach the exclusive economic zone of Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also reported that he has planned a National Security Council meeting to discuss about the missile.


North Korea has been a notorious country since its Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un came to power. Under his order, North Korea has been launching various missiles in the past but none were launched outside its territory. But today North Korea has launched a Ballistic Missile, doubted to be an ICBM towards the Sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. North Korea has many missiles all of which are nuclear capable, hence it has been threatening all its neighboring countries except China. Today’s incident has shocked both South Korea and Japan as it has never happened before.

North Koreas Ballistic missile Launch today :

North Korea has launched harder-to-detect Missile from near its Capital Pyongyang to the East Sea. This has caused quite a ruckus in South Korea and Japan. North Korea shocked the world with its new Ballistic Missile launch, many believe it to be the missile that was displayed in North Korea’s recent Military Parade.

North Korea ICBM Launch :

North Korea has developed many missiles over the past few years along with some capable of carrying nuclear arsenals. Among all missiles there are very few ICBMs, but with this test Kim Jong Un has shown the world that North Korea has developed new technologies to build missiles, both mid and long range.

North vs South Korea :

North and South Korea have been on bad terms since both the countries were made. During all this time North Korea has been testing its Missiles as well as its Nuclear Arsenals on its own territory, even after repeated warning from South Korea and the United States of America. But Today’s incident has been stated as never done before by the South Korean officials, this proves the escalation of tensions between both countries.

North Korea vs Japan

Japan has been always worried about its Korean neighbor under Kim Jong Un, who have repeatedly provoked Japan and USA with the missile tests. But Thursday’s incident made Japan nervous and issued an evacuation order for its northern islands of Hokkaido. National Security Council was set up by the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to discuss about the launch from North Korea. PM Kishida, when asked whether Japan has any information regarding North Korea’s attacks in future, replied that the government is checking information related to it including the alerts.

Later today, China, an ally country of North Korea, has blamed United States of America for the North Korea tensions. China claimed that this incident was a ‘Negative Impact’ of US Military Drills in the Korean Peninsula.

Today’s incident of North Korea Launching ballistic missile on the East Sea, has escalated the Tension between North Korea, South Korea, Japan And United States of America and placed them within the striking range.


1) What happened between North Korea and Japan?

North Korea has launched ballistic missile that landed in the East Sea between Korean Peninsula and Japan today (April 13th), prompting an evacuation in the northern islands of Hokkaido in Japan. But later the Japanese Government retracted the order as the missile did not reach the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan.

2) Is North Korea ready to launch nuclear attacks?

Kim Jong Un, last month stated that the country should be ready to launch its nuclear arsenals at any times to deter war. This has escalated the tension with South Korea and United States of America.

3) What happened to North Korea’s ballistic missile launch?

Today (April 13) North Korea has launched a ballistic missile towards the East Sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, which led to the immediate evacuation of the residents of Hokkaido. But it was later found that it didn’t reach the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan, hence retracting the order. This incident has raised concerns for the future attacks from North Korea to the East Sea and Japan. South Korea had called for a meeting with the Nation Security Council to discuss about this attack.

4) What are North Korean Missiles called?

North Korea under Kim Jong Un has tested various ballistic as well as cruise missiles. Recently North Korea has developed new technology for missiles to escape radar detection. North Korea is also working on hyper sonic missiles which fly at several times the speed of sound and at a low altitude. The tests ended 2022 by firing three of short range missiles toward east sea and flying five drones into the airspace of south Korea.

5) How far Can North Korean Missiles Travel?

North Korean Missiles can travel a few hundred miles, covering South Korea within its range. The Country also has a variant called Nodong, which is believed to have a range of 600-800 miles. April 13th launch of ballistic missile is believed to be of this variant.

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