Twitter blocked ANI, ‘India’s largest news agency’ for not meeting age requirement

On Saturday evening twitter has blocked ‘India’s largest news agency . According to twitter, Twitter has blocked the ANI official handles for violating the age criteria. To create a twitter account, you must be at least 13 years old.

ANI Editor Smrita Prakash has shared a tweet on today at 3:23pm screenshot, and wrote that peoples that have follow the ANI, there is a bed news for all of you. Twitter has locked out India’s largest news agency which has over 7.6 million followers and after that @twitter sent a mail that ‘for violating the age criteria twitter has blocked the official handles of ANI from twitter.

Twitter blocked ANI

Why ELON MUSK removed blue tick from the top celebraties across the world ? 

According to Smita Prakash twitter has first taken our Gold Tick and this was be substituted with blue tick and now they directly locked out our officials handle. She writes this along with a screenshot of message from twitter.

On that mail twitter has directly claim that, ANI account must be at least 13 years old. As well as twitter has determined that ANI don’t meet these age requirements, for that reason ANI official account has been locked and it will remove from the twitter soon.

twitter removed ANI

Twitter has clearly said that, if ANI think this will be error from the twitter, then ANI will let twitter know as soon as possible.

Smrita Prakash shared this tweet at today at 3:23 pm

Why twitter locked ANI twitter handle?

India’s most popular microblogging platfrom ANI has been blocked from twitter for not meeting the required age criteria. According to the mail sent by twitter which was being shared by Editor Smrita Prakash ANI doesn’t follow the required age criteria.

What will the minimum age requirement for twitter?

To create a twitter account, you must be at least 13 years old.

Now what happened to twitter ?

Is these is the last time for ANI from twitter ?

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