G20 Summit 2023; US President to arrive in india on September 7

The stage is set for the G20 Summit in the Indian Capital. Global Leaders will be arriving in New Delhi later this week. The American President Joe Biden will also be there, So what is on his agenda for the summit. Biden Faces presidential polls next year. How will be summit impact the voters at home and will be use the platform to his favour before the elections. Here’s a special report.

India the current president of the G20 will host global leaders for the summit schedule between September 9th and 10th in New Delhi. U.S president Joe Biden will also be arriving in the Indian national capital on September 7th for this year’s group of 20 leaders Summit but the American president is not the only going to attain the summit. After arriving in India, the U.S President will first be holding a bilateral meeting with Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi. Discussions will likely focus on implementing an agreement reached during prime minister Modi’s state visit to the U.S in the month of June . Meanwhile at the summit both the leaders U.S President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the rest of the leaders will discuss the Capacity of Multilateral development Bank’s including the WORLD BANK to better fight poverty, they will also address the global challenges.

And once again the ongoing war in Russia Ukraine will take the Centre stage. The leaders will mitigate the economic and social impacts of the war.  While we discuss this how will it affect things for Biden back at host. The US is scheduled to host to Presidential elections next year but his latest approval rating paint a grim picture.

The American President’s rating stands at 40.5 Percent. While his Republican contender who is most likely to challenge him for the White House. Donald Trump is leading the polls in the GOP race , Despite Trump Facing 91 Criminal charges across four cases . As of now things don’t look too well for Biden . Questions are being asked about his age. Biden is already oldest person to hold the job . He will turn 81 this November . The American President also has a series of slip ups and gaffs . Amidst this G20 Summit comes as an opportunity for Biden to show America’s leadership at the world stage. While this may not average American voters directly but how he conducts himself Infront of the world leaders might help him woo Americans when he contests for the white house for the second time. Just a few days ago U.S President joe Biden expressed disappointment over Chinese president Xi jinping’s absence from the summit. This attracted criticism from the republican’s. Earlier they had also slammed Biden for pursuing what call fruitless engagements with China . Participating with talks with Beijing on their terms and timelines and conditions set by Beijing .

Moreover in India a joint communique might not be the cards U.S would still push for Ukraine’s Scores . Americans however have different opinion on support for Ukraine. According to a poll most Americans oppose congress authorizing additional funding to support Ukraine. 55 Percent say that congress should not authorize additional funding. While 45% belive that U.S Should provide Aid to Ukraine. 71% of Republicans broadly says that congress should not authorize new funding to Ukraine , while among Democrats 62% Favour sending additional funds to Ukraine . The body administration has faced a slew of demisting and international challenges leading to a huge death in polls. The white house now hopes that the G20 Summit is an opportunity for the president to Showcase his ability to deal with complex international issues while reasserting America’s role on the Global stage. Also, they hope that G20 is an opportunity for President Biden to demonstrate his leadership skill with the November elections looming and challenging the nation that age plays a huge factor in his re-election.


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