China Imposes Sanctions on US Defense Firms for Arming Taiwan

China has sanctioned two U.S defense companies Martin and North Rob Grumman for supplying arms to Taiwan. A press conference China’s foreign Minister spokesman said that the punitive measures are being taken under the countries anti-foreign sanctions Law. Further adding that the orange sale was a dangerous move in violation of China’s sovereignty and security interests.

The spokesperson named Lockheed Martin Coors branch in Missouri as the prime contractor claiming it sold arms to Taiwan on August 24th and added that Northrop Grumman repeatedly participated in the sale of weapons to Taipei. This is not the first time that china has imposed sanctions on American companies for the sale of arms to Taiwan. However it’s unknown how the proposed sanctions would work, since neither company sells to China.

Moreover the United States Congress allows the supply of weapons to the self-governing nation. Under the Taiwan relations Act, earlier the U.S used to sell arms rather than providing them as an aid but in August the administration for the first time approved direct U.S military aid to Taiwan. Under an assistance programme aimed at foreign governments.

According to a notification sent to congress last month under the foreign military financing programme U.S President Joe Biden approved the transfer of up to 80 million dollar dollars in funds to Taiwan.

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