List of major Lithium Producers & lithium reserves of the world

Major Lithium Producers:

– Australia leads global production with 52.9%, primarily due to its well-developed mining industry and substantial reserves.
-Chile, accounting for 21.5%, is notable not just for its production but also for having the largest lithium reserves globally (55.5%). This prominence in the lithium market makes initiatives like KHANIJ BIDESH INDIA LTD important, as they aim to secure lithium supply for India’s burgeoning EV market.
-China’s 9.7% share in lithium production is complemented by its significant role in the lithium battery manufacturing sector.
-Argentina contributes 8.3%, making it a key player in the South American lithium market.
-Zimbabwe, though smaller in production (2.1%), is an emerging contributor in the African continent.

Top Lithium Reserves:

-Chile not only has a significant production share but also holds the majority of the world’s lithium reserves (55.5%), making it a strategic location for lithium mining and export.
-Australia and Argentina also have substantial reserves, further supporting their strong production capacities.
-China and the U.S. have smaller, yet notable, shares of the world’s lithium reserves, underpinning their roles in the global lithium market.

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