Guwahati woman seeks justice for being drugged and rape

Guwahati, March 23: A shocking case of rape has come to the fore in Guwahati city, in which the victim was allegedly raped by her friend in a lodge with drugs. The victim said he was invited to a birthday party of accused Parvez Ansari, where he was served soft drinks laced with drugs that made him unconscious. She woke up inside a room in the lodge the next morning and returned home.

“I kept asking him if anything had happened between us but he repeatedly denied it. Later, when I saved my period in February, I asked him again about the night, and then he told me that he had drugs and forced sex with me. He said he did it because I refused to convert my religion,” she claimed

An ultrasound report came on March 8, 2022, and the doctor said I was two months pregnant. When I received the report, I contacted him and said that I would lodge a complaint with the police station, however, his parents assured me that they would marry us and accept me and the child. But slowly they stopped picking up my calls or responding to my messages that they were busy. Thus, it was seven months away and his father said they would not accept me as I refused to convert,” she claimed.

“I had to give birth to the baby because it was too late for the abortion, however, I was depressed because of all the things that happened to me. But now that I am fine, I have decided to fight for myself and seek justice,” he added. The victim alleged that initially the police station refused to file any complaint, however, the commissioner intervened, and a formal FIR was lodged at all women police stations in Guwahati.

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