Nagarik Samaj seeks votes for Lurinjyoti Gogoi in Dibrugarh

Assam Nagarik Samaj president and Rajya Sabha MP Ajit Kumar Bhuyan today said that Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, is like a sub-planet that is illuminated by the light of others. Addressing newsmen here today, Rajya Sabha MP Bhuyan did not mince words as he slammed Sonowal for his silence over á litany of burning issues of the State. MP Bhuyan referred to Sonowal as a ‘sub-plan- et’ illuminated by the light of others. He said that Sonowal has nothing of his own. “He is shining due to others. He has no com- mitment. Even now, he is of the opinion that CAA will not affect the Assamese people. Sonowal’s promise of an Express Highway has remained unfulfilled. He distanced him- self and remained silent even when the MPs from Assam sought the revival of the Nam-rup fertilizer plant,” he said.
Bhuyan, a former journalist and author further said Sonowal the BJP candidate is no guarantee at all. “He is asked to con- test as an MLA at one constituency, then moves to become MP, further an MLA from another constituency which he leaves half way to become a Rajya Sabha MP and then again shifts constituency to contest as an MP. He is like a masked man. What is his contribution to the State? What happened to the high-level committee report formed on Clause 6 of Assam Accord during his term? What steps did he take for the six communities demanding ST status? CAA, the biggest threat to the Assamese peo- ple’s identity was brought during his ten- ure. Many civil rights groups, social sci- entists and intellectuals asked him to op pose CAA but he remained silent,” said

Bhuyan. Endorsing Assam Jatiya Parishad’s Lur- injyoti Gogoi as the suitable candidate for the people of Assam in general and Dibru- garh in particular, Bhuyan said that when the Assamese people took to CAA protests on a massive scale despite the govern- ment’s effort to quell it, Lurinjyoti Gogoi stood for the people and led from the front. “Lurinjyoti has not budged from his stand and is opposed to the contentious Act. People need to identify their true leader,” he said, and appealed to all the voters to cast their votes for the AJP candidate as well as for INC candidate Gaurav Gogoi in Jorhat for the greater interest of the State.

Assam Nagarik Samaj general secretary Paresh Mallakar who also addressed the media said that the country is under a cri- sis under the present regime as the con- stitutional ethos and democratic institu- tions have been diluted. He said that there is a need to bring together all intellectu- als, social scientists and experts, retired professors, doctors, scientists and leaders from various ethnic communities and mi- nority bodies to save democracy and the Constitution. “We must support the IN DIA alliance to check the ‘modus operan- di’ of the BJP-led government,” he said

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