Outrage Among Pharmacy Graduates over Exit Exam Mandate in Assam

Guwahati, Assam: Students pursuing pharmacy degrees in Assam are up in arms over the Srimanata Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences (SSUHS)’s decision to implement an exit exam for non-SSUHS students. The move has sparked widespread protests and concerns among future pharmacists.

Students allege that the exit exam requirement has been imposed arbitrarily, violating their right to equality under the Indian Constitution. Non-SSUHS students face an additional exam hurdle, while SSUHS graduates are exempted. This distinction has been met with anger and resentment.

The sudden imposition of this requirement after registration fees have been collected has created financial strain for students. Many are already grappling with significant expenses and education loans. The additional fees and uncertainty surrounding the exam have added to their burden. Students also question the ethics of requiring an exit exam for graduates who have already received their degrees from the Governor. They argue that it undermines the validity of their qualifications and creates confusion about registration requirements.

The Assam Pharmacy Council has reportedly failed to provide clear guidance or support to students regarding the exit exam. This has compounded the frustration and anxiety among graduates.

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  1. Yess …..it is very unfair for uss.80% students of our batch has got their registration nd this rule is for 20% left students.

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