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Arunachal Pradesh Border Village Now Connected with 4G Mobile Network

Villages in the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh are set to receive a digital boost. The union government has installed over 200 mobile towers majorly in areas along the border with china. On Saturday, Airtel successfully launched its 4G network, bringing seamless connection to the residents of Kibithu, the last village in Arunachal Pradesh that is located on the Indo-Tibet border.

These towers will provide 4G internet connection to more than 300 villages. The build out is part of India’s strategy to develop the Northeaster state in the face of China’s aggressive posturing. 254 Mobile towers were inaugurated on Saturday with this around 336 villages will be getting 4G mobile data.

Pema Khandu, the chief minister, described it as a significant step towards bringing seamless connectivity to the populace. Khandu stated on Twitter that “It’s not just a simple phone call or video call, but a giant step aimed at providing seamless connectivity to the people of the first village of India — Kibithoo.” It is “heartening that the 4G network has been commissioned at Kibithoo under the Universal Service Funded Scheme,” Khandu continued.

The chief minister claimed that because he is in Gujarat, he can communicate with the residents of Kibithoo, a village that used to be referred to be isolated. “Today, I’m sitting in Gujarat, and the people from my formerly ‘remote’ hamlet are conversing with me easily. I’m in excellent shape. Tweets from Khandu.

This is a significant step in the direction of guaranteeing seamless connectivity to border settlements, which will open up opportunities for the populace by enabling their access to information, the speaker continued. It was a long-held dream of the residents of the village within her seat, according to local MLA Dasanglu Pul.

In the state of Arunachal Pradesh’s Anjaw district, some 70 km north of the district’s administrative centre, Hawai, is the last village along the Indo-Tibetan border, which is Kibithu.

The towers has been launched as a part of a large development initiative under this construction of over 2000 4G mobile drivers across arunachal Pradesh has been approved. It will provide connectivity to more than 3500 villages . The mobile towers were installed by Indian telecome provider BSNL. The towers connect remote areas of tawang District. These are the areas which have witnessed frequent incursions by Chinese troops . The project was inaugurated by India’s Union law Minister Kiran rejiju, who is a native of Arunachal Pradesh .

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