Chow Tewa Mein passed away

Former MLA Chow Tewa Mein passed away

At the age of 79, former minister Chow Tewa Mein passed away, who served in the Arunachal government from 1978 to 2019, passed away. After his condition deteriorated, Chow Tewa Mein passed away on Monday while being sent to Dibrugarh (Assam) for treatment. Both the political world and the general public have been shocked by the news of his death.

The Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu, expressed his deep sorrow on Twitter over the recent passing of Shri Chau Tewa Mein, the senior brother of his renowned colleague, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, and a former MLA from Chongkham. The Chief Minister sent his condolences to the grieving family, friends, and well-wishers in a tweet, calling the late Shri Chau Tewa Mein a noble soul and the voice of the people. He also prayed for Lord Buddha’s grace to provide the deceased’s soul eternal peace. The political community in Arunachal Pradesh is in deep mourning over the loss of such a tremendous supporter, mentor, and conscience keeper.

Chow Tewa Mein

Chow Tewa Mein was a well-known politician who was renowned for his capable leadership and unshakable dedication to the welfare of his constituents. His knowledge of a variety of subjects, such as finance, economics, and international relations, earned him a great deal of respect from his colleagues.

Chow Tewa Mein led various projects to better the lives of the people he served throughout his time as a minister. He was instrumental in the creation of infrastructural initiatives .He also fought tenaciously to guarantee that all citizens had access to high-quality services in the fields of healthcare and education.

Chow Tewa Mein was a supporter of social justice and human rights. He fought to protect the values of justice, equality, and transparency in all facets of government because he firmly believed in the efficacy of democracy. He gained a reputation as a sincere and morally upright leader as a result of his efforts to eradicate corruption and advance transparency.

Beyond his achievements in his field, Chow Tewa Mein was also renowned for his friendliness and warmth. He always offered a sympathetic ear to anyone in need and had a fantastic sense of humour. He was a genuinely committed family man who loved his wife, kids, and grandchildren dearly.

Everyone across the political spectrum has expressed their sorrow and condolences in response to the news of Chow Tewa Mein ‘s passing. Leaders from all over the nation have expressed their sadness over the passing of such an illustrious and admired statesman.

His family expressed their gratitude for everyone’s support and nice thoughts in a statement they released. They also thanked God for Chow Tewa Mein ‘s life and legacy, describing him as a dedicated spouse, a caring father, and a beloved grandfather. The nation and the political community have suffered a great loss with the passing of Chow Tewa Mein. Future generations of leaders will continue to draw inspiration from his legacy as they carry on in public service, which will be remembered for years to come. Peace is upon him.

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