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Why Amritpal Singh sent to Assam’s Dibrugarh jail after arrested latest news live updates

Today at 7.00 o’clock this morning, Amritpal Singh get arrested at Gurudwara in moga village by the counterintelligence or Punjab police. There were rumors a few days ago that he will surrender himself and today at 7.00 o’clock he surrenders himself in the Moga district. According to sources he would be taken to Dibrugarh, Assam shortly to maintain law and order. Separatist leader Amritpal Singh hiding for nearly the last 5 weeks. According to IGP (Punjab police), Amritpal Singh was arrested today morning at 6:45 am from Rod village in moga district.

Pictures of Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh cases registered:

Amritpal singh and his associates were registered in several cases, and according to sources they were getting direct support from Pakistan. Here are some cases booked for Amarital singh and his associates:
• Spreading disharmony among classes.

• Attempt to murder case
• Attack on police personnel or obstruct the duty of the civil servants.
And many more charges will be booked for Amritpal singh and his associates.

Is Amritpal singh a wanted criminal

As Amritpal singh get arrested so he is no more wanted now but According to Amritpal singh he denies all the obligation and he said that all the cases booked for me is false and therefore I will fight for my normal human rights by taking the help of law for that situation.

Who is amritpal singh wife?

kirandeep kaur . on 20 April she was stopped at Amritsar airport and the airport authority stops her immigration and told not to leave the country.

Why Amritpal is taken to Assam Dibrugarh jail?

To maintain law an order, the officials decided to take him to assam dibrugarh jail. As Dibrugarh jail safe place to keep him. The security of that jail is too tight, it is difficult for any prisoner to escape from this jail. There are CRPF personnel for security and as well as the commandos from Assam police. There are 57 CCTV cameras installed to monitor the prisoner inside and the movement of visitors at the jail.

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