what are the advantages of green tea and its benefits

This article is going to be about Green tea, there are some over blown claims, so we going to parse through and figure out what’s what. Tea is a rare beverages that pretty much universally accepted by science as a healthy one, but just remember like everything in life one cannot have to much of a good thing. So don’t overdo it with the green tea. Green tea (camellia sinensis) .


Green tea is loaded with healthy nutrients. All these bioactive polyphenols are awesome for the health. Some of them are flavonoids, catechins and these are anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidant prevents free radical damage to the body and this free radical damage to the body over time causes cancer. It has been stated in many theories that the people drinking green tea have a low chance of having cancer.

  • Green tea is great for mouth

If a person has a sticky breath, he/she should try some green tea. The nutrients in the green tea known as catechins do a great job of inhibition and killing certain types of bacteria. Also, studies were done and proved that bacteria known to cause bad breath in mouth are killed by green tea. Also, when there is less of that specific bacterium there is less chances of having a plaque, so it also decreases a chance of developing a cavity.

  • Great for Focus

Green tea does a great job of giving stable energy to the body. It has about 30-50 mg of caffeine, which roughly half a cup of coffee. With this the person is still focused, still stimulated but don’t get a jittery filling that the person gets with a big cup of coffee. Another nutrient of green tea that works together with caffeine, to boost the brain function is called L-Theanine. Its benefit is that it gives the brain relaxation without the added sedation or drowsiness that come along with another relaxing agents.

  • Good For Heart

Studies have found that the green tea lowers the blood pressure. Also, green tea increases your good cholesterol and lowers the bad cholesterol. In various lab trials it is proved that the green tea lowers the blood pressure.

  • Help in burn Fat

This may vary from person to person and it’s a more individual case by case basis thing because not all studies agree on this, but there is a study of increased metabolism and fat oxidation essentially fat burning. Some of the lab models have shown decrease in new blood vessel formation within the fat storage, meaning that it takes away the vital nutrition for fats and making it die.

  • Protect Brain

Animal and Lab model both show that catechin, the nutrient present in green tea, decrease the risk if developing Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. Science isn’t clear as to why this occurs but it’s theorized that it has to do something with the decrease in development of Plaque within the brain.

  • May Increase Lifespan

Green tea may increase the lifespan. There have been a ton of research done on this, some even have 40,000 participants, that shows those who drink 3-5 cups of tea a day have an increase in their life span, decreased the mortality, decreases in heart diseases, decreases in stroke but just because those who drink green tea live longer, doesn’t mean that green tea is the sole thing that’s responsible for that effect.

How to Create the perfect cup of green tea ? 

Don’t add green tea directly to the boiling water as it destroys the healthy catechins, talked about above. Don’t go decaf, because decaffeination process hurts more of the nutrients in green tea. Add Lemon into the tea as it aids in absorption of some of these nutrients. Finally don’t cheap out and buy the premium and authentic supply of green tea.

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