what are the benefits of walking and running activities to you

When it comes to exercise some people prefer to work up sweat with a good run and others prefer to walk. If you want to stay in shape then running, walking, and other physical activities help you to achieve this goal. The ultimate goal of these activities is to help you gain a sound mind with a sound body. Both of these are excellent forms of exercise and you can adopt a healthier lifestyle if you can figure out which one is best for you. Always remember that choosing between running and walking depends on your goal. Both of these cardiovascular exercises play key roles in your health and general body fitness. So if you are want to know which one is better for you than you are coming to the right place. Running and walking are the best option among all other cardiovascular exercise. Both of these exercise have their own benefits. Now let’s discuss about some benefits of running and walking.

What are Benefits of Walking

  1. If you’re obese or overweight a morning walk can be very beneficial for you. Morning walk burns calories and improve the metabolism of the body.
  2. Brisk walking reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases etc.
  3. Walking helps relaxing and contracting of arteries preventing cardiovascular risk.
  4. Regular walks increase your bone density thus prevent osteoporosis.
  5. A 15 minute walk after meals helps to control your blood sugar.
  6. Regular walking reduces cholesterol levels in blood resulting in healthy heart.
  7. Walking maintain good health in people with heart disease, diabetes, prostate or breast cancer.
  8. Regular walks certainly help lessen the chronic lower back pain.
  9. People who walk regularly are less likely to sustain musculoskeletal injury.
  10. Walking also helps to strengthens muscles which take pressure off the joints.
  11. Walking outdoors boosts free flow of creative ideas compared to sitting.
  12. Walking in pleasant surrounding reduces your depression and anxiety.
  13. Walking relaxes the mind promoting more enthusiasm in work.
  14. Walking tiers or body out and therefore sleeps comes easily when you hit the pillow at night. In fact regular morning walks also help to regulate the sleep cycle.
  15. Daily walk help to improve muscular strength in the body by keeping the muscles in regular use.

Benefits of Running

  1. Daily running promotes a healthy lifestyle and can promote longevity.
  2. Running increases you life span. It can be one of the most effective activities to prolong life. Some studies says that running even once a week can extend the life expectancy.
  3. Regular running reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases. Running is a excellent way to improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels.
  4. Running everyday helps you to sleep peacefully. The longer and better you sleep the more time the body has to recover and grow. Running not only helps you to stay in shape but it also improves the quality of your sleep.
  5. When you are running you spending more energy and exerting your leg and arm muscles to burn more calories. Compared to this a simple leisurely walk will exert less pressure on your body muscles and you burn calories but comparatively less than running.
  6. Running reduces the risk of your cancer. People who exercise regularly as associated with a significantly reduce risk of certain types of cancer.
  7. Running helps to reduce depression. It also improves your mood as well as your mental health.
  8. Running helps to reduce blood pressure. Running and other moderate exercise is a proven non-drug way to lower the blood pressure. 
  9. Runners have increased lung capacity from logging mile after mile.
  10. Running is one of the best ways to give your heart muscle an effective workout by running you can improve circulation and reduce the risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.
  11. If you run on a regular basis you are continually taxing your muscle and bones, so the bones are stimulated to remain stronger and do not easily weaken with age.
  12. Running regularly can improve patience, humor and ambition and make you more good tempered and easygoing.
  13. Runners generally have lower level of anxiety than those who don’t run.
  14. Runners have a strong immune system that means they will suffer less from minor illnesses such as colds, allergies, fatigue, menstrual discomfort and digestive disorders.
  15. Running stimulates your circulation improving the transportation of nutrients around your system and flushing out waste products. This will help make your skin clearer and give you that distinctive runners glow.

Bottom line

Both running and walking are the excellent forms of exercise that help you to stay fit and strong. You can develop a daily habit of doing these exercise and you can reach your goal. But always keep this things in mind that whatever standard you set for yourself you can achieve it only with commitment and sheer hard work. There is nothing to compare between running and walking as both exercises come with their unique set of advantages and their ultimate result is obtained only after you regularly work out and also focus on your diet plan.

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