Lemongrass tea : 11 health benefits of lemongrass tea

Hey there, the viewer. It seems like everywhere you turn, there is a new health drink to try. Well, lemongrass is one of the older ones you may have missed out on. Lemongrass is a big plant that smells a lot like lemon. It also tastes like citrus fruit. It is a very popular ingredient in Thai culture.

here are 11 health benefits of lemongrass tea

1) Reduces Cancer

Allows kick things off with one of the larger benefits. Lemongrass tea decreases your risk of developing specific cancers.

Remember a second ago when I warned you it has a lemon-type odour?

This is because of citral, a pale yellow liquid with a strong lemon smell. But this isn’t the only function of citral. It also has different health benefits. The citral in lemongrass is believed to have anticancer abilities. Research has found that different components of lemongrass can furthermore fight cancer. This can arise by either attacking the cancer cells head-on, or boosting your resistance system so your body will fight off cancer on its own. Some cancer victims are given lemongrass tea after going through a round of chemo or radiation.

What’s your favorite beverage to help you through sickness?

It doesn’t have to be cancer. It can be something much less drastic. Sound off in the comment segment, and start a conversation with our inoovio community.

2) Improves Digestion

A regular cup of lemongrass tea can help your digestive issues. Let’s talk about gastric ulcers for a second… Also known as stomach ulcers, these are open sores that develop along the lining of your stomach. Research from 2012 indicated that lemongrass tea could care for gets rid of gastric ulcers. A similar study found that the important oils from lemongrass protected your stomach lining up from the damage caused by certain treatments. Just so you know, utilizing things like aspirin all the time will increase your chance of gastric ulcers.

3) So Many Antioxidants

Lemongrass tea holds a ton of amazing substances that help combat disease. I’d name the central ones, but they’re a little too hard to speak. Nonetheless, these antioxidants will go to fight against the free radicals. These are components in your body that cause disease, infection and deterioration. To overturn their effect, you need all the resource you can get.

4) Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common disorder in the United States. Over 40 million adults over the age of 18 are reported to have it, and those are just the ones who have been diagnosed. If you’re one of these people, lemongrass tea might bring a difference. Research announces that just the odour of lemongrass can be enough to reduce your anxiety. So drinking a good cup once a day might be your answer to tinier stress. Keep in mind, more studies need to be done.

5) Boosts Your Red Blood Cells

Drinking lemongrass tea on a regular can increase the number of red blood cells in your system.

Why is this so important?

Let’s talk about haemoglobin for a second, Hemoglobin is a protein inside the red blood cells that carries oxygen. A study from 2015 showed that drinking lemongrass tea every day for a month boosted your red blood cells count, increasing the amount of haemoglobin concentration. It’s said this is done through lemongrass antioxidants. Have I caught your interest yet? Well, why you don’t share this article with your friends and family for more great INOOVIO content!

6) Fixes Cavities

Does your stress level go up every time you sit in that dentist’s chair?

Lemongrass tea can helps fight oral disorders. This is due to their antimicrobial capacities.

What does this mean?

This is any material that kills the development of dangerous microorganisms. A survey from 2012 was done on the important oils of lemongrass tea. The proficiency of lemongrass will fight against bacteria that lead to tooth erosion. Evaluating 9 in 10 adults over the age of 20 have some extent of tooth erosion, you might want to look into this. This is all the additional reason to try lemongrass tea. It will make your smile look so much comfortable. Now you might be admiring how to make lemongrass tea. Possibly this was something I should have remembered a little earlier. Well, it’s pretty simple. To get lemongrass, all you need to do is stop by your nearest biological food store. You can similarly go online to discover some.

  • Pour one glass of boiling water over 1 to 3 teaspoons of lemongrass.
  • Let it saturate for about 5 minutes.
  • When you’re prepared, strain the tea and spill your liquid into a cup.

Have I satisfied you to give it a try?


Well, perhaps this next entry will do the trick…

Now back to our conversation on lemongrass tea.

7) Helps Weight Loss

I’m trying to lose weight. You’re struggling to lose weight. We’re all attempting to find new ways to get in shape. Lemongrass is often utilized as a detox to kickstart your metabolism in wishes of helping you lose weight. With that said, there is little to no scientific information that this works. The most study has been based on personal experiences.

But on the brilliant side, lemongrass is a realistic diuretic. This means it helps you urinate more often, flushed out excess fluid. This means that if you drink sufficient of it in a day, you’re probably going to lose some weight.
Lemongrass tea has been found to enable you to urinate more than other beverages. If you barely were to rebuild most of your soft beverages with lemongrass tea, you’re likely losing some weight. This is because you’re not liquoring up as much sugar. Just be sure to switch lemongrass tea to another unsweetened beverage once in a time.

8) Helps Your Heart

If this isn’t a justification to try lemongrass tea, I’m not sure what is. Lemongrass tea may reduce your risk of developing heart complaint. It does so by reducing your level of horrible cholesterol or at limited we think. Analyses have indicated that oil removed from lemongrass lowers cholesterol levels in animals. Keep in the sense that more exploration is needed to see if it has similar effects on humans. But the softer your level is of horrible cholesterol, the less likely you are to undergo a heart attack or stroke.

There’s also reason to understand that lemongrass tea can lower your blood pressure. Exploration has backed this up. Society who have the drink regularly see a decline in their blood tension readings. This reduced their heart rate significantly. If your blood pressure is too elevated, your heart has to work so much difficulty to pump blood to the rest of your body. This puts you on the fast path to heart disease. So it couldn’t injure to try some lemongrass tea.

9) Relieves Bloating

Tired of eating a meal and feeling like your stomach is nearly to explode?

Well, lemongrass can fulfil as a remedy! Memorize how I remembered that lemongrass is a diuretic? Well if you’re bloated, periodically all you need is to alleviate yourself. That is if water retention is behind your bloating. Lemongrass tea will motivate your kidneys, and allow you to produce more urine than you usually do.

10) Lowers Inflammation

Talking about the disease, lemongrass tea might be able to decrease inflammation in your body. When you’re at risk of disease or injury, the damaged area may start to inflame. Your immune system publishes chemicals that induce inflammation. So how do you learn this to go away?

Well, recall citral from a moment ago?

That’s one of lemongrass is a key missile in the fight. Citral is said to stop the release of characteristics that cause inflammation in the body.

11) Pain Relief

Are you feeling an unbearable amount of discomfort?

Is it hard to function?

Lemongrass may put an end to this. Researches have shown that lemongrass may be prepared to block pain. The investigation showed that the essential oil from lemongrass has substantial benefits against pain and irritation. Lemongrass tea might do the same thing. What you drink is so useful to your health. But it doesn’t stop here. There are numerous other drinks you should consider.

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