SEPTA driver shot, killed in Philadelphia $20,000 Reward Offered

A grieving mother is marking yet another year without her son as it’s been five years since he was gunned down in West Philadelphia but who is working as a SEPTA driver. His mother says SEPTA driver who is her son works in Philadelphia in SEPTA and she also said it clearly that, her son is a loving individual and during his working years in Septa plan my trip always shied away from violence. Her mother stated that she will not rest until his killer is caught, the man who is working as a septa driver. His mom says that, it’s been five years and have heard nothing.

On Monday September 10th ,2018 Wilfred Johnson was heading home when he was shot and killed, the age of the victim in that time is 43 years, who is passionate in his work and worked as a Septa driver. The murder of septa driver happed at 8:45 P.M. along the unit block of North Milk Street in west Philadelphia. The septa driver was found by police suffering multiple Gunshot wounds. The septa driver was pronounced dead at the hospital.

His mother believes that he was targeted two weeks prior to that, he got into indication with someone. Priscilla Johnson says she didn’t know how many people her son that means the septa driver, Wilfred Johnson touched until he was gone.
The city of Philadelphia is offering upto $20,000 reward money and the TWU Local 234 is offering for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. All you have to do is call the citizen crime commission at (215) 546-TIPS. All calls will remain Anonymous.

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