Alert for possible cyber attacks at 12,000 govt websites : Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre

The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (14C) has raised an alarm regarding a group of hackers from Indonesia, who are aiming at attacking 12,000 websites of the government.

Reportedly, the official release from the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (14C) under the Ministry of Home Affairs, all states and Union Territories have been notified that 12,000 government websites are vulnerable to attacks.

Despite the chaos, the government of India provided reassurance that they regularly update and enhance their websites to effectively address any potential threats that may arise from malicious hackers.

According to the Cyber Threat Intelligence division of I4C, the “Hacktivist Indonesia” group has been found to engage in unlawful hacking of websites in India and some other nations. This information was brought to light by the division on Thursday after detecting the threat. The I4C alert, a group of “hacktivists” in Indonesia was initiating attacks such as denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS).

DDoS attacks involve the deliberate incapacitation of a computer network by overwhelming it with a large amount of data sent from numerous individual computers at the same time.

Meanwhile, the founder and CEO of Pingsafe, Anand Prakash, stated that following the alert, government employees must avoid social engineering attacks by refraining from clicking on unfamiliar emails or links as it could lead to compromising the security of websites.

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