5 summer fruits: its health benefits

What food will you eat in the summer! If you want to keep your body healthy in this hot or to reduce the body’s weakness, you should eat a variety of beneficial foods.

1)Pure water

Drink enough pure water to keep the body healthy in the heat. It is not advisable to eat any water anywhere. We are going to sweat from the body in the wee days. Sweat controls body temperature. Excessive sweating can cause many problems. Drinking pure water keeps the body cool and reduces the durability to some amount.

2) Lemon juice

We all know that consuming the juice of the lemon is a healthy and fresh body. The skin of the lemon contains a variety of functional ingredients which are beneficial for our body.

Eating the fat of the lemon relieves body fatigue. One thing to remember is that it is advist to eat good food to get good health. So the road ghat should eat pure lemon fat at home rather than eating a lemon fat anywhere.

Lemon sorbet plays an important role in keeping the mind and brain cool including boosting body strength.


Dub is one of the most popular foods in the hot weather. The clean, fresh and delicious drinking food is dub.

In order to maintain good health, you should eat dub in the heat to maintain adequate energy in the body In fact the dub contains many functioning ingredients which keep the health healthy and greatly help in increasing immunity. Coconut water contains a lot of booklet ingredients like vitamins, calcium, potassium etc.


Yogurt is a type of dairy. People have been making curd and eating it for 4500 years. Yogurt is nutritious and delicious food.

Curd has many benefits. When the stomach is hot, if there is gas in the stomach, if it is fat, you should eat curd. Yogurt has a lot to play in keep the mind and brain cool and fresh.

5 )Fruit juice

Fruit juice plays a major role in increasing the strength of the body, at a rising the diversity and increasing various immunity.

During the warmth, seasonal fruit juice seeds should be consumed occasionally which relieves body fatigue as well as increases energy and helps in increasing digestion, immunity. Other fruits to be grown in the summer are apples, oranges, litchi, amla, grapes, etc.

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