Stay in your crease : Australian PM warns Sunak as Ashes row escalates

Stay in your crease : Australian PM warns Sunak as Ashes row escalates

Recently what happened between Australia and England has never been seen before, this is absolutely new. Australia PM Anthony Albanese warns Rishi Sunak as Ashes cricket row escalates. Australian media started showing the England cricket players, their news reporters as well as Their PM Rishi Sunak as little cry-babies. Issue became so big that American media started covering this extensively.

What Actually Happened?

Currently Australia and England are having 5 test match series. This series is called “The Ashes”, and old cricket series. The controversy started when Jonny Bairstow, an English batsman, was stumped out, as he forgot to touch the line after the ball was missed by him and didn’t pay attention to the wicket keeper, who was advancing to stump out him. He was out according to the cricket rules, umpire himself declared Jonny ‘out’ as he was out of the line before the round was complete. According to the game rules the batsman has to touch the line behind him, after a delivery to finish the round. Here, as Jonny failed to do so he was declared out. However, the England team did not like this and accused Australia for winning unethically. According to the England’s team, Australia has won the match but did not win ethically and shouldn’t have done this.

Till now the situation was under control as the teams were blaming each other but later UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak accused Australian team for not following’ Spirit of the Cricket’. As UK PM accused the opposite team, Australian PM Anthony Albanese also tweeted congratulating the team for their win and supporting the team against the England’s. He also said “Same old Aussies – always winning” in response to the English fans’ chants “Same old Aussies – always cheating“. This chant became famous due to Australia’s history of cheating against various teams even with India. When the Australian team starts losing, they use unfair means to turn the tables.

Since Australian Prime minister himself came to the front to safe guard the country’s pride. The Australian media started posting articles and news depicting the English teams and UK PM as cry-babies.

England Bullying

This is not the first time that England has done this against another team after a match. In 2022, when Indian team was playing against the England’s team in Lord stadium, Indian player Dipti run-out an English batsman, similar comments were passed during that time, although, it was all according to the cricket rules. Even the popular journalist Piers Morgan tweeted that whole Indian team should be ashamed of themselves for winning in a pathetic way. But at that time England did not face such response or criticism as it is facing now with Australia.

Spirit of Cricket

England has said it many times that cricket is played by many countries but is it being played properly and according to rules should be determined by England as they invented the game. But Spirit of cricket has a rule that the says “accept the umpires’ decision”, however, both in Dipti’s case and now with Australian team the umpire has clear indicated ‘OUT’. In both cases England has ignored the decision and made irresponsible comments, this shows nothing but England’s Hypocrisy. In India’s case they did not receive such a big response but now with Australia they are receiving proper treatment.


Who is Jonny Bairstow?

Jonny Bairstow is the son of former wicketkeeper David Bairstow. He is the batsman in the England’s team. He recently became well known for the controversy between England and Australian teams during the ‘Ashes’ test cricket matches. Australian team was accused of not following the spirit of cricket and making Bairstow stump-out unethically. This issue became big after Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister, commented on the topic.

Did Jonny Bairstow think the ball was dead?

Jonny Bairstow was stumped-out as he did not touch the line after he missed the ball and did not notice the wicketkeeper approach. Even though he was out according to the cricket rules England’s team accused Australians for winning the match unethically. Bairstow thought the ball was dead and started to approach his teammate for a brief meeting and this happened.

Who won the opening Ashes test between England and Australia?

After India and Pakistan, the most famous rivalry is between England and Australia. Both the teams are the most successful test teams in history. England verses Australia 1st Ashes was played from June 16-20, 2023. The 3rd match was won by Australia.

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