UK: Former Boris Johnson planning to launch a new Political Party

There would a more trouble to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sanak Dominic former advisor to ex prime minister Boris Johnson has announced his plans to float a new party, While Cummings claims that the party will manage to come to power by 2028 in order to replace a what he calls the rotten Tory Horror Show. Called the Startup party coming is looking to launch the party by the end of this farrier. Welcoming’s blames the Sunak Administration of throwing away the 80-seat advantage that the Tories won in 2019.

Cummings is also confident of Rishi Sunak losing the upcoming election next year, said that the subsequent failures of the labour party Leader Kia stammer will catalyse his party win in 2028. Coming to the blogging platform substack and he wrote that the startup party will give the voters, the government that they want and they deserve in terms of policies for his new party. Cummings outlined being tougher on crime and illegal immigration, not just that he also pledged to pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights in it.

Not only this in addition to this Cummings also announced that he would freeze taxes for the workers. He said that his focus will be to recruit members from small businesses and those with knowledge of Technology, However the critics of the conservative party have called cummings a narcissistic Egomaniac. According to them is becoming irrelevant in today’s time.

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