US Speaker McCarthy says Joe Biden Impeachment inquiry

A Big day in Washington house DC, The speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy giving a speech a couple of hours ago where he says , These are allegation of abusive power , obstruction and corruption and they weren’t further investigation by the house of representatives .That’s why today speaker directing the house committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry to the president Joe Biden. The logical next step will give the committees the full power to gather all the facts and answers for the American Public. This exactly what the America public want to know.

That is a big moment of capital Hill Today and peoples of American are not surprised about this US  president Joe Biden impeachment inquiry. They thought in the end everything had to catch up with the Biden family.

Recent testimony through committees has alleged Joe Biden himself as a vice president of the USA was on the Phone up to 20 times during hunter’s business calls with firms in Ukraine Russia and perhaps even China too. But something bigger is going on here.

Biden level of competence or incompetence reached just the most embarrassing levels in Saigon 48 hours ago. In fact, it was talking such gibberish that halfway through a live press conference. His own press officer interrupted him and said ladies and gentleman that is the end of the press conference.

He gives a terrible image to the America abroad no one quite knows really what American foreign policy actually is in many parts of the world the Middle east in particular and it will make the prediction number one that Hunter Biden does face charges from the special council currently investigating him. And number two the big prediction is that Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee to run for president in November 2024. The party are embarrassed by him. They have had enough of him he will be gone.

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