World’s First Nano DAP Plant Inauguration

Inauguration of Nano DAP Plant:
The Union Minister of Cooperation inaugurated IFFCO’s Nano DAP (Liquid) Plant in Kalol, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Nano-DAP Introduction:
Nano-DAP (Di-ammonium Phosphate) developed by IFFCO using nanotechnology.

Nutrient Composition:
1) Contains 8% nitrogen and 16% phosphorus, compared to 18% nitrogen and 46% phosphorus in conventional DAP.
2) A 500 ml bottle of Nano DAP is equivalent to a 50kg bag of regular DAP

Benefits for Farmers:
1) Nutrient use efficiency exceeds 90% under optimal field conditions.
2) Economical for farmers compared to conventional DAP.
3) Reduces pollution of soil, air, and water from excessive phosphatic fertilizer use.

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