Apple: World’s largest company set its retail store in Mumbai and Delhi Airport on April 18 and 20, 2023

In the very recent development in the Indian market, Apple, the world’s largest multinational company by revenue is set to its first-ever retail stores in India in Mumbai and Delhi on April 18 and April 20, respectively.

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the facade of its first retail store in India, scheduled to come up in Mumbai at Jio World Drive with the second store being in Saket, Delhi is said to be inspired by kaali-peeli taxi art unique to the city, which is set to be launched later this month at the Jio World Drive Mall.

The wait is finally over as the tech giants have decided to open their retail shops in the Indian market, as for all these years users have been buying their Apple hardware from ‘Apple Premium Resellers’ or third-party stores. But now the company-owned Apple Retail store will be more about the premium experience that Apple loyalists swear by.

Over the last few years, the adoption of Apple hardware, including iPhones and Macs has witnessed not just a gradual rise but a rampaging demand resulting in India becoming a key strategic market for Apple.

“India has become a focused market for Apple. Apple had a mere 1% market share in 2019 and may cross a 5% share in 2023. Additionally, we are witnessing increasing exports from Apple,” says Prachir Singh, Senior Research Analyst at Counterpoint.

Apple, for a few months now have leveraged India’s electronics market growth and heavily focused on manufacturing its products here with this new feat, the new retail locations will mark a significant expansion in India that will offer great new ways to browse, discover, and buy Apple products with exceptional service and experiences for customers.

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