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7 ways to earn money online in us free and fast and easy

Today here in this article I’m going to listing 7 websites that will pay you every day. All the website are available in your browser.  Here I’m not going talking about website running, affiliate marketing, dropshipping , Freelancing . We are directly talking about 7 fast and most effective website that will pay you for free. All the website are easy to use and will allow to earn some extra income in your free time.



earn online

All the 7 websites are completely free and you don’t need to invest any single money for earing from those websites. All those websites are personally checked and its proven that this website will definitely generate a good income to you . The best part of these website is it don’t required a experience and completely free for use . It will help you to earn six figures in a year depending on how you worked in these website


It is a website that will pay you by filling the captcha. You can earn money from the comfort of the home by solving the captcha . This will pay you $1 per 1000 captchas.

How to earn with 2 CAPTCHA

You can earn money with 2 CAPTCHA by Signing up from the their website. Direct link for the 2 CAPTCHA is www.2captcha.com . after signing you can directly go to the earning portion which is placed in the top most right hand corner of the website. You can earn money from filling the captcha from their websites. You can upto $1 per 1000 captcha filling .

6) Nielsen Computer & mobile

Defiantly You can earn truly passive income from these websites and the app by installing to your phones and computer. By installing the app to your mobile, you can directly earn money of $10,000 per month.

How to earn money from Nielsen Computer & mobile app

You can start earning from this website by simply singing up to this website. You can earn atleast $10,000 per month by only signing up in this website.

Why this app will pay you?

After signing up into the websites the website get your data anonymously, what you are browsing for, what is your interest and lot more.  This application you pay you for your information. This website only collects your information ,it doesn’t collect your personal information nor using your user id nor doesn’t used any login details. Therefore this websites is completely secure and safe.

5) SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect is a easy to use website that includes you in behavioural market research while you browse internet. It works very similar to Nielsen . The best benefits of SavvyConnect are what you can used more devices to singing up and from that you can earn more money. This website will give $5 per month for every device you have logged in.

4) Prolific

It is a research company that will pays you to take surveys . Prolific pay you $6-$12 per hour for having taking a surveys . This will much higher than all the survey websites will pay.

3) Validately

It is a website that pays you to test websites and apps. This website will directly send the notification to your email and by completing the tsk you can definitely earn upto $50-$100 per month. As these websites will directly sends you the notification for the task therefore a lot of time is saved from this website. As the name itself Validately is a valid website from which you can earn money online by only doing some easy task.

2) Listverse

This websites will pays you for creating the list. By using this website, you can upto 100$ per day by simply writing a post for your interest. For writing in the Listverse you don’t ned to be a professional writer we can use some AI tools for creating a article for your interest which will pays you 100$ per post.


As the website name, it will pays you free cash by just playing a game or by taking some surveys. As well as you can used the chat option in which you can used to talk to users.

NOTE : Don’t Buy any course from this website as someone in  the chatbox will influenced you to buy some products to get easy money .

As the Website is Known for free money so you don’t need to pay any single money to the websites.


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